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Title :   Simulation Tools for Digital LSI (Large Scale Integration) Design.

Descriptive Note : Doctoral thesis,


Personal Author(s) : Terman,C J

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Report Date : Sep 1983

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Abstract : This thesis proposes a timing simulator (RSIM) based on a uniquely simple transistor model. RSIM allows a designer to determine both the functional and approximate timing characteristics of a MOS network with more accuracy than gate-level simulation, and using larger circuits than are accommodated by circuit analysis programs. In RSIM, transistors are modeled as resistors; the logic states of a transistor's terminal modes determine its effective resistance. Using this model, a MOS network is simulated as a network of resistors where each node's value is determined by the resistance of its connections to various inputs. Transition times are determined from the RC time constant calculated for the node by examining the surrounding network; (R from the transistors, C from the interconnect and gate capacitance). The network's behavior as inputs are given values is calculated by an efficient event-driven algorithm. Two changes to the underlying model are also investigated: (1) further simplifying the transistor model to an on/off switch (which can be thought of as a degenerate resistor). Several approaches to switch-level simulation are developed, one particularly well-suited for implementation using parallel hardware; and (2) modeling the behavior of a network of switches by a system of logic equations. Various compilation strategies are evaluated for producing code that implements the system of equations. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Computer aided design, *Integrated circuits, *Digital systems, Circuit analysis, *Electrical resistance, *Simulation, Resistors, Networks, Capacitance, Switches, Gates(Circuits), Transistors, Parallel orientation, Systems analysis, Models, Value, Behavior, Simulators, Tools, Nodes, Equations, Constants, Time, Accuracy, Theses

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      Computer Systems

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