Accession Number : ADA136126

Title :   Water and the Living Cell as Seen from the Viewpoint of a New Paradigm,


Personal Author(s) : Ling,G N

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Report Date : Jan 1983

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Abstract : Proteins existing in an extended conformation react with water differently and profoundly. However, the data presented describe directly the solvent properties of the affected water. Water under the influence of an NP-NP-NP or its equivalent NO-NO-NO systems have reduced activity far beyond that predictable from the polymer's molar concentration. Thus a 30% solution of dialyzed PEO with MW of about 600,000 exhibits an osmotic activity equal to that of a 1 molar solution of sucrose and thus 2000 times higher than that anticipated on the basis of the molar concentration of the polymer. Furthermore, a similar PEO solution when confined within a dialysis bag will swell or shrink, much as living cells do, in solutions of Na-citrate of varying concentration, even though PEO carries no net electric charge (the total concentration of anionic charges due to accidental oxidation in the solution is less than 5 x 10 to the minus 6th power M) and even though the dialysis tubing is fully permeable to Na-citrate (Ling, in press).

Descriptors :   *Cells(Biology), *Membranes(Biology), Water, Lipids, Ions, Potassium, Sodium, Electrical properties, Polarization, Adsorption

Subject Categories : Biochemistry
      Anatomy and Physiology

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