Accession Number : ADA139127

Title :   Inorganic Halogen Oxidizers.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. 1 Mar 82-31 Dec 83,


Personal Author(s) : Christe,K. O.

Report Date : 22 FEB 1984

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Abstract : A basic research program was carried out in the area of inorganic halogen oxidizers. The main effort was directed towards the synthesis and characterization of ClF6(+) salts. Pure ClF6(+) salts were prepared for the first time and shown to be of excellent kinetic stability. Methods developed for NF4(+) chemistry were successfully transferred to ClF6(+) chemistry, and ClF6SbF6, ClF6AsF6 and ClF6BF4 were prepared and characterized. By analogy with NF4ClO4, ClF6ClO4 was found to be unstable. The relative oxidizing power of KrF(+), PtF6, and F2 in the presence of a strong Lewis acid and an activation energy source was studied and found to decrease in this order. Numerous new NF4 salts were prepared and characterized. Attempts to prepare substituted NF4(+) salts were unsuccessful. The first known example of a metal hypofluorite, TeF5OF, was prepared (-) and characterized. Attempts conducted on the synthesis of ClF4OF from ClF4O and FOSO2F were unsuccessful, but resulted in an unusual oxygen abstraction reaction. The O2F radical was prepared and subsequently characterized by laser magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The structures of the NF3(+) radical cation and of the SF4 and SF4O radical anions were studied by ESR spectroscopy. The gas phase structure of CF3N3 was investigated by electron diffraction and microwave spectroscopy.

Descriptors :   *Halogens, *Oxidizers, *Inorganic materials, Salts, Fluorine compounds, Ammonium compounds, Perchlorates, Synthesis(Chemistry), Chemical analysis, Kinetics, Stability, Antimony compounds, Arsenic compounds, Boron compounds, Krypton, Oxidation, Platinum compounds, Activation energy, Tellurium compounds, Cations, Anions, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Spectroscopy

Subject Categories : Inorganic Chemistry
      Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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