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Title :   Aerosol Growth in a Cold Environment,


Personal Author(s) : Yen,Y C

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Report Date : Feb 1984

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Abstract : An expression relating aerosol growth to cold environmental conditions was developed. This was accomplished by solving the diffusion equation with the method of Laplace transformation. The series solution was expressed in terms of the dimensionless parameters K (ratio of vapor density over droplet surface to droplet density), tau (ratio of environmental vapor density at time zero to vapor density over droplet surface), and dimensionless time omega (ratio of product of diffusion coefficient D and time t to square of initial radius of condensation nucleus). To take into account the variation of the vapor density over the surface of an acidic condensation nucleus due to the continuous dilution of the droplet, the solution was obtained by assuming various levels of constant vapor concentration. The final expression (R/R sub o - 1 = 2.4917 x 10 to the minus 18th power) exp(0.0737 theta) (P sub RHS/25) x (100-P sub RHS) tau to the 0.9890 powder) can be used to compute the value of R once the values of initial radius R sub o, relative humdiity P sub RH, percent of relative humidity at the droplet surface P sub RHS, and environmental temperature theta are given. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Aerosols, *Atmospheric chemistry, Growth(General), Cold regions, Low temperature, Diffusion, Diffusion coefficient, Drops, Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Water vapor, Equations, Laplace transformation, Density, Condensation nuclei, Radius(Measure), Humidity, Atmospheric temperature

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      Physical Chemistry

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