Accession Number : ADA186059

Title :   Extended Abstracts. Graphite Intercalation Compounds. Proceedings of Symposium K, Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society Held in Boston, Masschusetts on December 3-5, 1986.


Personal Author(s) : Dresselhaus, M. S. ; Dresselhaus, G. ; Solin, S. A.

Report Date : DEC 1986

Pagination or Media Count : 240

Abstract : This volume is a collection of extended abstracts presented at the Symposium on Graphite Intercalation Compounds Keywords: First Principles Calculation of Carbon carbon Bond Lengths for Graphite Intercalation Compounds; Energetics and Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Donor Intercalation compounds; Dependence of the Conductivity and Orbital Susceptibility in Graphite Intercalation Compounds (GIC); X Ray Studies of Staging Order in GICs; Systematic Study of the High Temperature Transitions in First Stage Alkali Graphites at Saturation; Raman and X Ray Study of Potassium Rudidium Carbon Single Crystals; Intercalated Graphite; Magnetic Fluctuation, Relaxation and Anomalous Memory in the System of Finite Size 2D Clusters: Metal Chloride GICs; Magnetic Ordering Compounds; Monte Carlo Simulations of Magnetic Phase Transitions in CoCi2 GICs; Pressure Induced Staging Transitions and Stage Disorder in Dilute Potassium Graphite Intercalation Compounds; Microscopic Studies; Properties of Alkali Metal Hydrogen Ternary Graphite Intercalation Compounds; Elastic Neutron Scattering Studies of H2 and D2 Physlsorbed Stage 2 Graphite Potassium; Valance Bands of CsCs: Evidence for Small Charge Transfer; Line Width in Alkali Metal GICs and Its Relation to the Band Structure; Structure Property Relationships in Pitch Based Carbon Fibers; Transport and Optical Properties.


Subject Categories : Inorganic Chemistry

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