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Title :   JPRS Report, Science & Technology, Japan, Science & Technology 1989 White Paper


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Report Date : 17 AUG 1990

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Abstract : Japan attained its goal of securing independent technological capability in a number of fields in the 1970s. Since then, efforts to promote more creative R&D were stressed and made. As Japan enters the 1990s, it is necessary for our country, a nation which compared with the rest of the world, possesses very high levels of science and technology, to seek its own, new ways to further advance science and technology and satisfy the needs of our economy and our people. At the same time, we need to nurture new science and technology which will contribute to the further development of the world economy as a whole. In response to these circumstances, this year's White Paper on Science and Technology deals with the theme, 'New developments in Japanese Science and Technology in the New Era of Heisei,' by considering how Japan's science and technology will progress and what new developments will be achieved in the midst of a variety of social and economic changes both in Japan and abroad. The white paper presents structural analyses of a number of aspects of the current state of science and technology in Japan from the viewpoint of its future prospects. These include: the improvement and future development of technological capability as a result of the superior performance of Japanese industry, changes and new requirements in the role of the public sector, personnel problems, and regional development in science and technology. It also examines the radical changes taking place in international science and technology and Japan's response to them. The report examines the relationship between science and technology and economic activity in society and at the same time analyzes and clarifies future issues regarding the topics mentioned above: the role and performance of industry and government in science and technology.


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