Accession Number : ADA953743

Title :   Elastic Strength of Thick Hollow Cylinders,


Personal Author(s) : Newhall,D. H.

Report Date : 17 OCT 1940

Pagination or Media Count : 28

Abstract : The object of this experiment is to determine which of several theories of strength most accurately predicts failure of thick hollow cylinders subjected to internal pressure. The investigation was carried out as part of the Cold Work Research Program. The maximum strain theory of strength used by the Ordnance Department shows a gun or thick cylinder under internal pressure to be considerably stronger than the theory indicates. For example, a cylinder with a wall ratio of 2/1 is actually only 3/4 as strong as the maximum strain theory would indicate, and a 4.5/1 cylinder is only 2/3 as strong. The results of this experiment show that the maximum shear theory agrees with experiment and should be used in the design of guns. The apparent agreement of the maximum strain theory found previously with experiment was due to the difficulty of making accurate enough measurements of changes in the outside diameter with pressure.

Descriptors :   *Gun barrels, *Strength(Mechanics), *Elastic properties, *Internal pressure, Failure(Mechanics), Predictions, Shear properties, Cold working, Strain(Mechanics), Theory, Cylindrical bodies, Thickness

Subject Categories : Guns

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