Accession Number : ADA953867

Title :   T-3 Firing Platform,


Personal Author(s) : Warner,W. L. ; Lester,H. H.

Report Date : 18 AUG 1937

Pagination or Media Count : 14

Abstract : A visual examination of the T-3 Firing Platform indicates that the welds of the rewelded half of the platform are considerably larger than the original welds, and have been quite heavily peened to remove the convexity which usually results from welds on heavy aluminum sections such as are found in this platform. There is evidence also, that a fairly large heat-affected zone exists adjacent to the welds because of two factors - (1) The welds were made in several beads; (2) Probably a heavier current was used to obtain better fusion than was obtained on the original welds. There is also a discoloration of the metal alongside the welds which indicates the presence of this heat-affected zone. The original welds on the other half of the platform are very small, convex, single beads which have the appearance of not being thoroughly fused into the members for the full depth of the weld metal. Some undercutting is visible on some of the welds. Welds at A and B are cracked loose from the members. Welds at C have been rewelded with at least a three-bead weld and heavily peened. From the radiographs taken, it is apparent that the weld metal of these welds is very porous. This condition, coupled with the small size and convexity of weld, may be in no small measure responsible for the cracks which occurred.

Descriptors :   *Welds, Platforms, Visual inspection, Weld metal

Subject Categories : Couplers, Fasteners, and Joints

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