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Title :   The Physical Review. The Collapse of Thick Cylinders under High Hydrostatic Pressure,


Personal Author(s) : Bridgman,P. W.

Report Date : 19 SEP 1934

Pagination or Media Count : 45

Abstract : All metals exhibit, when exposed to stresses at all high, behavior other than the simple proportionality between stress and strain assumed in the mathematical treatment of elasticity. There are a number of effects invalidating this simple linear relation; such as elastic after effects, hysteresis, plastic yield, set raising of the elastic limit by over strain, and one universal effect, rupture. Any complete description of the stress-resisting mechanism of a solid must provide explanations of all the these effects. Conversely, from a more careful study and fuller knowledge of these obscure effects we may expect to be able to more completely characterize the internal mechanism of a solid. In this paper, experiments are described in which the applied stress is of such a nature that rupture will never occur, no matter how high the stress. In consequence, it has been possible to study these various effects over a range of stress very much higher than available under ordinary conditions of yield. Thus plastic yield has been observed over a range of stress twelve times as high as that required to produce the first beginning of flow. It is the purpose of this paper to describe these experiments somewhat in detail, and to comment on the interesting features displayed by the various effects.

Descriptors :   *Stress analysis, *Thick walls, *Metals, *Cylindrical bodies, Thickness, Elastic properties, Limitations, High pressure, Hydrostatic pressure, Strain(Mechanics)

Subject Categories : Metallurgy and Metallography

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