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Title :   Theory of Microwave Coupling Systems,


Personal Author(s) : Jaynes,E. T.

Report Date : 29 AUG 1945

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Abstract : There is need for a more widespread understanding is the theory of microwave coupling systems. In the past few years the intensive work in microwaves has resulted in the development of a new field of techniques. A number of books have appeared treating the theory of transmission lines and resonant cavities at microwave frequencies, but there is as yet no generally available account of the theory of the equally necessary coupling systems which connect these components. In RF work we are concerned almost all of the time with three types of components, namely resonant cavities, transmission lines (including waveguides), and arrangements for coupling energy between these systems. The properties of transmission lines and resonant cavities are well known, as they have been treated in a number of excellent recent books. It is the purpose of this discussion to develop the relations which must hold in a linear coupling system regarded as a four-terminal network connecting two lines, two cavities, or a line and a cavity, and to point out how these relations may be used to find values of circuit parameters, such as Q or coefficient of coupling, in terms of measurements which can be made with the most commonly available laboratory instruments. Such measurements form the basis for any logical design or development procedure.

Descriptors :   *Microwave networks, *Microwave equipment, Transmission lines, Cavities, Coupling(Interaction), Linear systems, Microwave frequency, Radiofrequency, Resonance

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