Accession Number : ADA953975

Title :   Wind-Tunnel Tests on Multiple Ship Moorings. Part 3. Determination of Air Loads on Multiple Ship Moorings for Destroyers, Submarines, Liberty Ships, and Escort Carriers,


Personal Author(s) : Long,M. E.

Report Date : JUL 1952

Pagination or Media Count : 84

Abstract : Wind-tunnel tests were conducted at the David Taylor Model Basin to determine wind forces and moment on models of destroyers, submarines, Liberty ships, and escort carriers moored singly and side by side in groups. The models were built from the water line up, like recognition models. Individual three-component force balances supported models above a ground board, which was used to represent the water surface. Tests were conducted at airspeeds ranging from 75 to 125 knots, for a 360 deg range of yaw angle. Data for the different types of vessels are given separately. The results of primary interest for the design of a mooring are the maximum values of the total lateral and total longitudinal forces and total yawing moment experienced by each group. These values are given with expressions for extrapolating to full-scale ships. Basic data are given in curves showing the variation in the lateral force, longitudinal force, and yawing moment with angle of yaw for individual models in each test group. Other curves show the variation with angle of yaw of the total forces and total moment computed for the tests groups. The maximum values of the lateral and the longitudinal forces and the yawing moment measured on the single models of the different types of vessels are given in coefficient form, to permit better comparison between the types of vessels and with flatplate drag coefficients.

Descriptors :   *Ship models, *Mooring, *Wind tunnel tests, Drag, Aerodynamic loading, Destroyers, Ships, Submarines, Yaw

Subject Categories : Marine Engineering
      Structural Engineering and Building Technology
      Test Facilities, Equipment and Methods

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