Accession Number : ADA956115

Title :   Inviscid Flow Performance Coefficients of Convergent Conical Nozzles.

Corporate Author : BOEING CO SEATTLE WA

Report Date : 10 MAR 1970

Pagination or Media Count : 7

Abstract : The purpose of this communication is to describe the inviscid flow discharge and velocity coefficients, CW and CV respectively, of a number of convergent conical nozzles. The calculation of these coefficients was done assuming a perfect gas with a specific heat ratio of 1.4 and zero viscosity. A computer program employing the solution described in Reference 1 was used to integrate the local mass flow and axial momentum along the nozzle sonic line in order to obtain discharge and velocity coefficients. The method of solution used to determine the sonic line shape and flow angle distribution was such that a parameter called match Mach number, used in the solution, had to be empirically determined. This was done by choosing the proper match Mach number, for a given nozzle half angle so that the calculated sonic line most closely approximated the experimentally determined sonic line (Reference 2) at the nozzle's choked condition. (Choked means that pressure ratio past which the discharge coefficient is no longer a function of pressure ratio.) When this was done for three different nozzles, the resulting curve of match Mach number versus nozzle half angle was used in the calculation of the performance coefficients of a series of nozzles.


Subject Categories : Rocket Engines
      Fluid Mechanics

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