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Title :   Operation JANGLE. Weapon Effects Tests (Extracted Version).

Descriptive Note : Summary rept. Oct-Nov 51,


Personal Author(s) : George,M. S. ; Spilhaus,A. F.

Report Date : 01 OCT 1979

Pagination or Media Count : 148

Abstract : Operation JANGLE was executed at the Nevada Test Site (now Nevada Proving Grounds) in the fall of 1951 to determine the properties of large surface and underground atomic explosions. It involved the detonation of 13 high explosive charges and two atomic bombs of 1.2 KT yield. The objectives of Operation JANGLE were considered to be: (a) To determine the military effects of atomic weapons detonated underground and on the ground surface; (b) To determine the relative effectiveness and fissionable material economy of atomic weapons capable of detonation underground and on the surface for use in establishing the requirements for development and production of such weapons; (c) To determine the physical laws governing shock wave propagation and scaling between conventional high explosive (TNT) and nuclear detonations so that HE experiments can be used to predict the effects of nuclear explosions under varying conditions on a wide variety of targets; and (d) To evaluate the suitability of equipment and techniques developed for military operations in which atomic weapons are used. Operation JANGLE involved the detonation of two 1.2 KT atomic bombs, one on the surface of the ground and the other 17 feet underground, whereas the operational weapons to be compared are quite different in energy release and conditions of detonation.

Descriptors :   *Nuclear explosions, Explosion effects, Military operations, Shock waves, Extrapolation, Blast, Ground shock, Radiation effects, Thermal radiation, Cratering, Nuclear explosion damage, Weapons effects, Surface burst, Subsurface, Nuclear explosion testing, Nevada, Scaling factors, TNT, Mathematical prediction

Subject Categories : Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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