Accession Number : ADA995240

Title :   Effect of Carrier Spacings of the Expected Damage to Aircraft from Air-Burst Atomic Bombs,


Personal Author(s) : Dobbie,J. M.

Report Date : 01 JUN 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 27

Abstract : This 1954 report is part of the NTPR (Nuclear Test Personnel Review) Program. The risk to aircraft aboard carriers from airblast weapons is examined as a function of various parameters, such as: yield, aircraft type, damage category, aiming point, burst height, aiming error, radius of CV-circle, and number of carriers. Because many factors other than passive defense of aircraft aboard the carriers must be considered, the study does not recommend any particular spacing. For a 500-KT bomb and four carriers on a circle, the radius required to restrict the expected loss of striking force to one carrier, through damage to either the carriers or their aircraft, is approximately 6,000 yards. This radius scale approximately as the cube root of yield and requires slight modifications for other numbers of carriers. Originator-supplied keywords include: Navy tactics; Airblast; Nuclear weapons; Airblast damage; and Carrier vulnerability.

Descriptors :   *Nuclear explosion damage, *Carrier based aircraft, Aircraft carriers, Vulnerability, Military aircraft, Naval aircraft, Height of burst, Nuclear weapons, Blast, Damage, Airburst, Nuclear bombs, Military tactics, Navy

Subject Categories : Aircraft

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