Accession Number : ADA995250

Title :   OPERATION GREENHOUSE. Scientific Director's Report. Annex 5.1 - Annex A. Alkali Halide and Phosphate Glass Radiological Casualty Dosimeters,


Personal Author(s) : Alger,R. S. ; Dyson,J. P. ; Levy,R. A. ; McQuilling,D. W.

Report Date : JUL 1951

Pagination or Media Count : 40

Abstract : Photochemical reactions induced by ionizing radiations can produce color centers in alkali halide crystals and fluorescent centers in silver-bearing phosphate glasses. These reactions are being investigated as a basis for casualty-badge radiation dosimeters. Potassium bromide and potassium chloride crystals were satisfactorily sensitized by heating in a combined atmosphere of alkali vapor and hydrogen. Doses of 25 r of cobalt 60 gamma rays were detected by the visible color changes in sensitized KBr and KCl. The sensitivity of the phosphate glass is comparable to the crystals; however, a reading device is needed for the fluorescent measurements. The crystals and glasses are strongly energy dependent for X-ray energies below about 150-kv effective. In a test atomic bomb detonation the crystals and glasses were exposed to total dosages of 17 to 4,460 r at varying dosage rates. In general, there was a good agreement among the dosage readings for samples of a given material but the readings for different materials varied from 0.81 to 2.3 times the readings obtained with National Bureau of Standards (NBS) film badges.

Descriptors :   *Nuclear explosions, *Dosimeters, Alkali metal compounds, Halides, Vapors, Crystals, Dose rate, Fluorescence, Hydrogen, Ionizing radiation, Phosphate glass, Photochemical reactions, Potassium chloride, Bromides, Potassium compounds

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