Accession Number : ADA995251

Title :   OPERATION GREENHOUSE. Scientific Director's Report. Annex 5.1. Evaluation of Ground Radiac,


Personal Author(s) : Mitchell,E. F.

Report Date : MAY 1952

Pagination or Media Count : 245

Abstract : Prior to Operation Sandstone at 1948, radiac equipment had been designed for laboratory and plant use. Since Sandstone, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) have developed a great variety of radiac expressly for military and civil-defense appplications. It is extremely difficult to simulate conditions existing at the time of, and soon after, an atomic explosion; therefore it is very difficult to evaluate radiac completely in the laboratory or in the field without an atomic explosion. Only by testing at an atomic proving ground is it possible to determine the true worth of service equipment. The work reported in this volume includes analyses in stateside laboratories and experiments at Eniwetok during the spring of 1951. Twenty-one types of dosimeters, sixteen types of survey meters, and one mobile radiological field laboratory, and four laundry-monitoring arrangements were tested. These included equipment development by, or under the sponsorship of the Army Signal Corps, the Army Chemical Corps, the AEC, and the Bureau of Ships of the Navy. Conclusions are reached and recommendations are made with regard to adequacy of the equipment, adequacy and feasibility of existing military characteristics, direction of future developments, and necessity for future tests and improved test methods.

Descriptors :   *Nuclear explosions, *Radiation measuring instruments, Ground level, Test methods, Dosimeters, Military applications, Surveys

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