Accession Number : ADD001885

Title :   Radio-Frequency Holography.

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Personal Author(s) : Hendrix,Charles E

Report Date : 03 Jun 1975

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Abstract : The patent relates to a passive radio direction finder which monitors wavefronts across an aperture, produces a radio-frequency hologram, and numerically reconstructs the hologram. The direction finder consists of an array of antennas to sample the phase of incoming wavefronts, a plurality of mixers separately connected to individual antennas, a phase lock loop or bandpass limiter connected between any individual antenna and an input of each mixer to provide a mixer reference signal, a multichannel analog to digital converter attached to the output of each mixer, and a digital computer programmed to make fast Fourier transform calculations. In lieu of the plurality of antennas and mixers, a moving probe antenna and single mixer may be used if a sample and hold circuit is added to the phase lock circuit to provide a reference signal.

Descriptors :   *Radio direction finders, *Direction finding, *Patents, Passive systems, Radiofrequency, Phase measurement, Phase locked systems, Fourier transformation, Analog to digital converters, Signal processing, Angle of arrival, Holography

Subject Categories : Direction Finding

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