Accession Number : ADD002827

Title :   Bearing Measurement Device for a Portable Attack Warning Radar.

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Personal Author(s) : Magorian,William Ray

Report Date : 11 May 1976

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Abstract : The patent relates to an attack warning system for alerting ground troops or ships to the possibility of attack by enemy aircraft. The system establishes a detection shell at a range of 3 miles covering 360 degrees in azimuth and 60 degrees in elevation. The bearing measurement is obtained by a combination of antenna pattern shape and P-N Code modulation. A pair of oppositely facing receiving antennas and a pair of oppositely facing transmitting antennas located orthogonally with respect to the receiving antennas provide the 360 degree coverage. The azimuth pattern of each antenna covers 180 degrees. The system provides target bearing information by applying different codes to each of the two opposed transmit antennas and multiply decoding the received signals. The patent pertains to bearing measurements devices for pseudorandom noise radar systems.

Descriptors :   *Search radar, *Patents, *Antiintrusion devices, Bearing(Direction), Pseudo noise systems, Pseudo random systems, Coding, Portable equipment, Radar antennas, Orthogonality, Stationary

Subject Categories : Active & Passive Radar Detection & Equipment

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