Accession Number : ADD004026

Title :   Explosively Driven Laser Amplifier System.

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Personal Author(s) : Pilloff,Herschel S

Report Date : 05 Apr 1977

Pagination or Media Count : 4

Abstract : A system of optically coupling an intense photon output from an explosively shock-heated gas to a laser amplifier for the generation of a very high power optical pulse is described. A laser amplifier element preferably a dye laser type is centrally located within and supported by an enclosed hexahedron housing filled with a visible or infrared absorbing solution. Each leg of the hexahedron has secured thereto a pyramidal shaped (a pyramid with the apex end cut off parallel with the base) gas filled lamp for pumping the laser amplifier element. Each gas lamp is provided with a liner of explosive material along the inside of the outermost surface which is ignited by an electrical detonator. Detonation of the explosive liner produces an imploding shock wave which raises the argon gas to incandescence to excite the liquid dye laser amplifier to produce a population inversion necessary for laser amplification.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Dye lasers, *Optical pumping, *Flash lamps, *Laser amplifiers, Argon, Explosives, Shock waves, Optical filters, Light pulses, High power, Linings

Subject Categories : Lasers and Masers

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