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Title :   Ejector Rack.

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Personal Author(s) : Peterson,Paul F

Report Date : 27 Sep 1977

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Abstract : The invention is concerned with an ejector rack that is attachable to an aircraft and is for supporting and selectively releasing and/or ejecting a store that is carried internal of the aircraft, i.e., in a bomb bay. The store can be released from the ejector rack, and from the aircraft, in either of two ways, namely: by pushing on a manually operated release handle; or, by forced ejection, the only way used during flight of the aircraft. Forced ejection is achieved by sending an electrical impulse to either or both of two cartridges in the breech of the ejector rack, igniting the cartridge(s). Gas is generated thereby; and, the resultant pressure that is built up in a gas system in the rack provides force that acts upon an unlocking piston, causing the piston to move out of its 'locked' position. In turn, the moving piston provides a force on a slide, rotating a latch that allows the main linkage bellcrank to rotate and thus to open two hooks which are holding the store, thereby releasing the suspended store. Concurrently, gas pressure is manifolded to two sway brace ejection piston cylinders, and the ejection pistons therein are forcefully extended causing positive and forcible ejection of the store by the ejection pistons. Unlike prior art devices, this ejector rack incorporates: a fully automatic sway brace system; a counterbalance assembly with a counterweight that prevents vibration loads from causing the inadvertent release of the store from the rack; and, a safety lock that automatically closes and also latches the hook linkage when the lock is moved to the locked position.

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