Accession Number : ADD004549

Title :   Armor Penetrating Projectile.

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Personal Author(s) : Davis,Dale M

Report Date : 20 Dec 1977

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Abstract : A projectile for heavy armor formed of a casing having at its forward end a double cone construction, one surrounding the other, to provide an annular space between the cones. This space is filled with an explosive. The inner cone is located nearer the forward end of the projectile and is provided with a series of flutes extending from the apex toward the outer edge. The recesses formed by the flutes contain a part of the explosive provided within the annular space between the cones. Thus, the flutes form shaped charges and since the interior of the cone is presented to the forward end of the projectile, the force of the explosive on contact with the armor produces not only an opening in the target but also linear gashes which extend radially outward from the opening. The remainder of the projectile is formed of a hollow penetrator body which contains explosive for internal blasting and there is a jet propelling explosive at the rear end of the casing for propelling the projectile through the air. The opening blasted in the armor by the double cone structure may be too small for the penetrator body to enter readily but the gashed edge allows the penetrator to bend the cut portions inwardly and thus permit easy access for the penetrator to deliver its explosive to the rear side of the armor. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Antiarmor ammunition, *Patents, Shaped charge warheads, Shaped charge jets, Antitank ammunition

Subject Categories : Ammunition and Explosives

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