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Title :   Combination Infrared Radio Fuze.

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Personal Author(s) : McKusich,Wayne L

Report Date : 11 Mar 1980

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Abstract : This invention relates to a warhead fuze and more particularly to a combination of infrared and an electromagnetic VT fuze. The electromagnetic VT or proximity fuze developed in past years is known to have operating deficiencies which make it less reliable than desired. For example, the radio doppler or proximity fuze is susceptible to countermeasures and has a reduced effectiveness when operating low over ocean waves. The electromagnetic VT fuze is also subject to enemy countermeasures, such as jamming for example, and natural causes of triggering such as snow, rain, water waves, terrain promontories and salvo effects. By combining an infrared channel with a radio channel in a proximity fuze, the dependability and utility of the proximity fuze is increased considerably. With the dual channel system, the fuze may be triggered only if both the infrared and the radio channels are activated simultaneously. With the combination fuze, the probability of a premature explosion on the way to the target is greatly reduced. The radio section may be triggered by enemy jamming or natural caused mentioned above, while the infrared channel may be triggered by heat from the sun, bright clouds or other hot targets giving off infrared radiation. The probability that both radio and infrared channels will be prematurely triggered at the same instant is extremely small, however, Additionally, the combination fuze will serve as a counter countermeasure in the event that the radio channel is successfully jammed.

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