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Title :   Doppler Frequency Proximity Fuze.

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Personal Author(s) : Brown,Charles B

Report Date : 01 Apr 1980

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Abstract : Existing proximity fuzes generally utilize the Doppler signal resulting from the relative motion between the fuze, or projectile, and the target to actuate the fuze on close approach to the target. A typical proximity fuze generally consists of an antenna, an oscillator-detector circuit, an audio amplifier circuit, and a thyratron firing circuit. The oscillator generates and radiates an electromagnetic wave, part of which is intercepted by the target and reflected back to the fuze antenna, whereupon a ripple, or beat, signal is developed in the oscillator-detector proportional to the relative velocity between the target and the fuze. The ripple signal is amplified by the audio amplifier and the amplified signal fed to a thyratron firing circuit. When the amplitude of the amplified signal exceeds the initiation potential of the thyratron, an electrical storage device is discharged through a primer device thereby detonating the fuze.

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      Ammunition and Explosives

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