Accession Number : ADD007575

Title :   Magnetic Drum Storage for the Track before Detect System.

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Personal Author(s) : Dillard,George M

Report Date : 22 Jul 1980

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : A track detection system comprising; receiving means for receiving reflected radio frequency signals from an object in a given medium; said receiving means for receiving said signals at a predetermined scan rate; storage means operatively coupled to said receiving means for storing information corresponding to reflected radio frequency signals from an object in a givem medium; referencing means included in said storage means for referencing received reflected radio frequency signals with respect to the azimuth from which the reflected information is received during a scan of said receiving means; said storage means being adapted for storing a multitude of scans; ordering means operatively coupled to said storage means for accepting information from said storage means and sorting said information according to range and sector where range is broken up into a discrete number of increments referred to as range bins and where range is the distance from the receiving means to an object in a medium and sector is the azimuth from which a signal is received at a given time; other storage means operatively connected to said ordering means for sorting information corresponding to the number of hits per range bin where hits are defined as the times when an object is illuminated by radio frequency energy; said number of hits per range bin having been stored in said first mentioned storage means as range information; and track detector means operatively connected to said other storage means for making a decision as to the absence or presence of a track in the medium. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Radar tracking, *Memory devices, *Magnetic drums, Target detection, Target acquisition, Azimuth, Radar antennas, Gates(Circuits), Multichannel, Track while scan

Subject Categories : Computer Hardware
      Active & Passive Radar Detection & Equipment

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