Accession Number : ADD007690

Title :   Ultrafast, Linearly-Deflagration Ignition System.

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Personal Author(s) : Sayles,David C

Report Date : 15 May 1979

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Abstract : Disclosed is a method of providing an ignition system for substantially simultaneously and uniformly igniting all the internal burning surfaces of a large propellant grain of the internal burning grain type that is employed in an upper stage advanced missile interceptor. The propellant grain to be ignited is also of the type which requires support for reinforcing the grain during high acceleration loads especially before the interceptor stage motor is pressurized. The means for igniting the large propellant grain is comprised of high-velocity deflagration compositions which are derived from cesium dodecahydrodecaborane and which are extruded or formed in a variety of shapes. These shaped high-velocity deflagration compositions are then bonded to a consumable casting mandrel, or to a grain support tube which also serves as a casting mandrel. The casting mandrel is inserted into the rocket motor case; the propellant formulation is then cast into the rocket motor; and the cast formulation is cured to form a grain for an upper stage rocket motor for an advanced interceptor. The shaped cesium dodecahydrodecaborane can be ignited through a perforation in the grain support tube or when used with a consumable mandrel, the shaped cesium dodecahydrodecaborane can be provided with a cavity into which an initiator can be inserted and bonded in place with an adhesive. The initiator when ignited serves to ignite the high-velocity deflagration composition which subsequently ignites the advanced interceptor grain with which the shaped cesium dodecahydrodecaborane is in intimate contact. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Ignition systems, *Deflagration, *Linear systems, High velocity, High acceleration, Rocket engines, Loads(Forces), Propellant grains, Rocket engine cases, Staging, Burning rate, Surfaces, Internal, Cesium compounds, Carboranes, Guided missiles, Interceptors, Inventions

Subject Categories : Combustion and Ignition
      Solid Rocket Propellants

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