Accession Number : ADD008057

Title :   Image Enhancement Using On-Line Spatial Filtering,


Personal Author(s) : VON Gierke,Henning E ; Cannon,Mark W , Jr

Report Date : 09 Dec 1980

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : A scene is scanned line-by-line with a video camera transforming the spatial distribution of intensities present in the scene into a time-varying intensity function which is then filtered in real time. The time-varying function is passed through an electrical filter with adjustable passband and center frequency, and the filtered image is written on a storage tube or other suitable fast-memory array. The stored image which has been spatially filtered in the x direction is then scanned and read line-by-line (in the y direction) with the new scan lines perpendicular to the direction in which the image was written on the storage tube (or memory array). This transforms the spatial distribution of intensities on the storage tube (or memory array) into a time-varying function of intensities. This time-varying function is then passed through a second filter with adjustable passband and center frequency. The now doubly filtered image is displayed on a monitor, and represents the initial image spatially filtered on both x and y directions, with filter passbands and center frequencies chosen by the observer. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Image processing, *Spatial filtering, *Video signals, *Television cameras, Bandpass filters, Electronic scanners, Spatial distribution, Memory devices, Electrical properties, On line systems, Intensity, Variations, Storage, Functions, Frequency, Cameras, Filters, Images, Arrays, Time

Subject Categories : Cybernetics
      Non-radio Communications

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