Accession Number : ADD008089

Title :   Serriform Strip Crosstie Memory.

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Personal Author(s) : Schwee,Leonard J ; Irons,Henry R ; Anderson,Wallace E

Report Date : 28 Oct 1980

Pagination or Media Count : 32

Abstract : This invention relates to a magnetic crosstie memory using a plurality of Permalloy thin-film strips of uniform thicknesses having parallel denticulated margins etched to align with the oblong axis of the strip. Each pair of opposite denticles defines a distinct memory cell. Magnetization relaxes upon removal of a magnetic field applied normal to the oblong axis of the thin-film with each component assuming that orientation requiring the least rotation for parallel alignment with the least distant edge. Two domains are thus formed with a domain wall suitable for storage and propagation of binary information centered between the margins and extending the length of the strip. Crossties form at the necks of the serrations and Bloch lines are positioned in potential wells between the necks. Binary information, represented by the crosstie and Bloch lines in various conventions is propagated along the domain wall from cell to cell by particular sequences of magnetic pulses.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Memory devices, *Magnetic film memories, Magnetic domains, Iron alloys, Domain walls, Shift registers, Parallel orientation, Binary notation, Serial processors, Magnetization, Thickness, Inventions, Alignment, Rotation, Storage, Length, Cells

Subject Categories : Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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