Accession Number : ADD008252

Title :   High Power Nuclear Photon Pumped Laser.

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Personal Author(s) : Miller,Thomas G ; Womack,Dennis R ; Hagefstration,John E ; McDaniel,Bonnie G

Report Date : 05 Dec 1980

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Abstract : In accordance with this invention, a nuclear source is placed in the center of a cylinder which is made of a material with a large neutron inelastic scattering cross section to convert neutron energy produced by the source to gamma and x-ray energy. Surrounding this scattering material is a cylinder of a moderator which further slows down the neutrons. The moderator cylinder is then surrounded by a further larger cylinder which is filled with a mixture of a photon producing gas. The larger cylinder has several tubes placed therein and sealed relative to the moderator cylinder and the larger cylinder by disk portions at opposite ends. The several tubes contain lasing gas and cavity mirrors for allowing any laser output to be exited therefrom. In this system, neutrons are produced from the source to produce energy which causes photons to be produced from the photon producing gas and these photons pass through the walls of the laser tubes to produce the necessary states required for a population inversion and hence lasing results from the lasing gas within the laser tubes and is output at one end through the cavity mirror of each laser tube. (Author)

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