Accession Number : ADD008276

Title :   Anti-Tank Mine with Peripheral Charge Initiation.

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Personal Author(s) : Drimmer,Bernard E

Report Date : 22 Jul 1980

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Abstract : A mine of the type which forms the basis of this invention may or may not be concealed and camouflaged by being buried beneath the surface of the earth and is generally actuated by the weight of a vehicle, as a tank, setting off a fuze attached to the mine. The fuze in turn detonates a high explosive which produces a shock wave or advancing detonation front. In a homogeneous explosive charge, the detonation rate within the charge is constant for all practical purposes and the detonation front is concave and assumes the shape of an expanding sphere with its center at the point of initiation. Since the center of the plate is first subjected to the wave front, this portion of the plate is propelled forwardly ahead of the outer sections, thereby causing fragmentation of the plate. However, experience has indicated that optimum penetration of a target is obtained when the plate remains intact.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Antitank mines, Explosive charges, High explosives, Homogeneity, Fragmentation, Optimization, Penetration, Shock waves, Wavefronts, Tank fragmentation, Metal plates, Shaped charges

Subject Categories : Ammunition and Explosives

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