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Title :   Range-Gated Pulse Doppler Radar System.

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Personal Author(s) : Rittenbach,Otto E

Report Date : 26 Aug 1980

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Abstract : As is well known, modern jungle warfare dictates that portable military radar systems be lightweight, rugged, and, low in power consumption. Such requirements suggest the use of solid state radars employing phase-encoded transmissions of high duty cycle. In particular, the use of pseudo-random codes is suggested because such codes possess the high duty cycle wanted yet do not require amplitude shaping. Unfortunately, heretofore the only practical system which were constructed used either a short code sequence or a long code sequence that was broken down into component parts that were factors of the overall code sequence. In the sidelobes of the pulse sequences autocorrelation functions were marginal while in the latter case. Time sidelobes of an unacceptably high level were introduced for signals returned from nearby targets. As a solution to the above and other problems, the instant invention comprises a range-gated, doppler bank, pulse doppler radar system including a directional antenna. The system includes a source of r.f. energy, an r.f. power amplifier having an input connected to the r.f. energy source and an output connected to the antenna, and a source of a coded binary signal.

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Subject Categories : Active & Passive Radar Detection & Equipment

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