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Title :   Solid Propellant Air Turbo Rocket.

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Personal Author(s) : Kesting,Lawrence W

Report Date : 27 Jun 1978

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Abstract : This invention is a solid fuel air turbo rocket. A solid propellant charge, which is richer in fuel than conventional propellant compositions, burns in an initial chamber. The gases so produced pass through turbine blades into a second chamber. The turbine, which is rotated by the gases impinging on and passing through the blades, drives a compressor which compresses air from the atmosphere. This compressed air is fed into the second chamber where the oxygen in the air reacts with the fuel rich gas to produce further combustion and gas expansion. The gaseous products so generated pass through a nozzle into the atmosphere, resulting in thrust to the missile. As the missile accelerates a variable area air inlet is reduced to maintain a normal shock at the throat. When ramjet take-over velocities are reached, the turbo-compressor is jettisoned to allow the second chamber to function as a ramjet burner. (Author)

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      Solid Propellant Rocket Engines

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