Accession Number : ADD008428

Title :   Automatic Parachute Release System.

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Personal Author(s) : Marek,Albert J

Report Date : 03 Mar 1981

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Abstract : The present invention relates generally to a water-activated parachute release system and, more particularly, to a control circuit which automatically activates the release mechanism when the parachute harness buckle is immersed in a fluid medium that has a specified conductivity. A parachute release arrangement which is mounted on the parachute buckle utilizes a pair of water sensors that are activated when they are immersed in sea water. Activation of one sensor results in the connection of a battery to a DC-to-DC converter which raises the battery voltage to a substantially higher level for charging a storage capacitor. If the other sensor is also activated, this storage capacitor is subsequently discharged through an electrical explosive device when the voltage across it reaches a predetermined value. The resultant explosive force disengages a release lever in the buckle from the parachute strap and allows the detachment of the parachute. A checkout circuit is provided for monitoring the standby status of the control circuit.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Release mechanisms, *Explosive actuators, *Parachutes, Explosive charges, Salt water, Electrical equipment, Electronic switching, Electric batteries, DC to DC converters, Checkout equipment, Storage, Control, Fluids, Automatic, Capacitors, Harnesses, Circuits, Straps, Detectors, Buckling, Activation, Release, Inventions

Subject Categories : Gliders and Parachutes
      Guided Missile Launching and Basing Support

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