Accession Number : ADD008787

Title :   CCD Analog and Digital Correlators.

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Personal Author(s) : Bond,James W ; Alsup,James M ; Speiser,Jeffery M ; Whitehouse,Harper J ; Lagnado,Isaac

Report Date : 12 May 1981

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Abstract : A charge-coupled device (CCD) analog and digital correlator comprises identical modules, each of which is a simple analog CCD correlator with digital input and output. Circuits are included: (1) for injecting charges proportional to the voltage sequences s(n) and r(n), where s(n) refers to the input signal, and r(n) relates to a reference signal, against which the input signal is correlated; (2) for non-destructively sensing and tapping each sample s(n) and r(n); (3) for forming the summation s(n) + r(n); (4) and finally for squaring s(n), r(n), and (s(n) + r(n)) in simple, floating gate MOSFET amplifiers. The amplifiers operate in their saturation region, and have outputs proportional to (s sq)(n), (r sq)(n), and (s(n) + r(n)) sq, which are then fed into a differential amplifier to produce s(n)r(n).

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Correlators, *Charge coupled devices, Hybrid circuits, Input output devices, Transistor amplifiers, Mosfet semiconductors, Gates(Circuits), Modules(Electronics), Signal processing, Fast fourier transforms

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