Accession Number : ADD008908

Title :   Advanced Solid Reactants for H2/D2 Generation.

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Personal Author(s) : Grant,Louis R ; Flanagan,Joseph E

Report Date : 20 Jul 1981

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Abstract : The all amine borane gas generating system of this invention is in the form of a compacted solid propellant pellet which liberates a high purity hydrogen or deuterium when decomposed. The basic solid propellant pellet consists of hydrazine bis-borane which serves as the thermal stimulus for the decomposition of itself. Hydrazine bis-borane also serves as the thermal stimulus for the decomposition of diborane diammoniate with which it is combined to produce higher yields of hydrogen with higher purity. Deuterated analogs of the specified compounds serve as the reactant compounds for deuterium generation. The hydrazine bis-borane produces sufficient heat to decompose itself as well as the diborane diammoniate after decomposition is initiated by a heat source such as an electrically heated nichrome wire (80% Ni and 20% Cr) placed in contact with the composition.

Descriptors :   *Patent applications, *Solid propellants, *Pellets, *Gas generating systems, Boranes, Decomposition, Deuterium, Hydrogen, Purity, Inventions, High rate, Reactants(Chemistry), Amines, Hydrazines, Diboranes, Thermal properties, Heat

Subject Categories : Solid Rocket Propellants

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