Accession Number : ADD009028

Title :   Automatic Exposure Control for Pulsed Active TV Systems.

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Personal Author(s) : Thomas,Larry A

Report Date : 22 Sep 1981

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Abstract : An automatic exposure control system is disclosed for TV cameras, particularly those of the active type wherein a pulsed light source provides scene illumination for the camera. The control system includes a major control loop wherein an instantaneous photocathode current signal is time-separated from the total sensor signal of an image tube and integrated to provide a real-time measure of the total instantaneous light input upon the photocathode of the tube. When the total light input reaches a predetermined exposure level, a pulse is generated for gating off the image tube via a high voltage supply therefor so that a constant effective exposure is provided the photocathode. Peak levels of the photoelectron current are used to vary the amount of light entering the system and a conventional video detector is included to regulate the photocathode voltage thereby permitting a relatively constant video output signal to be maintained throughout a wide range of input light conditions. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Television cameras, *Gates(Circuits), *Control systems, Range(Extremes), Exposure(General), Light pulses, Video signals, Television systems, Image tubes, Photoelectrons, High voltage, Currents, Control, Pulses, Photocathodes, Supplies, Signals, Illumination, Output, Loops, Constants, Input, Detectors, Automation, Light

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