Accession Number : ADD009302

Title :   Optically Pumped Atomic Iodine Laser.

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Personal Author(s) : Davis,Steven J

Report Date : 02 Mar 1982

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Abstract : An optically pumped atomic iodine laser has a lasing cavity formed by a sealed cell containing iodine vapor as the lasing medium. A tunable dye laser having an output wavelength in the 493-501 nm range is oriented so that its beam is directed into the lasing cavity. This pumps the iodine vapor and results in its dissociation into an atomic iodine medium that lases at 1.315 microns. An optical cavity is formed by two mirrors mounted around the sealed cell on the optical axis of the lasing cavity in a substantially confocal configuration. The two mirrors are more than 99.9% reflective of radiation emitted by the lasing iodine vapor, but pass more than 80% of the radiation from the dye laser. A total reflector to radiation from the dye laser is positioned outside the optical cavity to reflect radiation from the dye laser back through the lasing cavity. Mode matching lenses are mounted between the dye laser and the sealed cell to shape the dye laser beam to the approximate mode shape of the lasing cavity. The iodine laser output beam is passed through a long pass filter to remove any remaining dye laser beam. This laser is capable of indefinite use without replenishment of the lasing medium and the wavelength of its output beam is independent of the wavelength of the pumping beam from the dye laser.

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