Accession Number : ADD010071

Title :   Scanning Radar System.

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Personal Author(s) : Lewis,Bernard L

Report Date : 02 Nov 1982

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Abstract : A scanning radar system having the capability of taking a number of successive looks at the same range and angle resolution cells with several millisecond time intervals between looks. The scanning radar system includes a pulsed transmitter, a receiver, and an array of energy beam radiators having individual beam paths with associated centerlines. A commutator switch and a duplexer sequentially connect a different one of the radiators to the pulsed transmitter at the beginning of each pulse repetition period and to the receiver during the subsequent interval between pulsed transmissions. A motor rotates the array of radiators as a unit to cause the beam path centerlines to rotate and scan the field of view. A plurality of delay units and a commutator switch are connected to the output of the receiver for processing the pulses returned to each of the radiators from resolution cells in the field of view during the intervals of time between pulsed transmissions to cause the pulses returned to different radiators from the same resolution cell to be in time coincidence.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Radar scanning, *Commutators, Time intervals, Radar transmitters, Radar receivers, Pulse rate, Cells, Delay, Radiators(General), Paths, Energy, Scanners, Transmitters, Angles, Resolution, Pulses, Inventions

Subject Categories : Active & Passive Radar Detection & Equipment

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