Accession Number : ADD010724

Title :   Real-Data Digital-Real-Weight Canceller.

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Personal Author(s) : Lewis,B L ; Kretschmer,F F

Report Date : 28 Jun 1983

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Abstract : A canceller for decorrelating one set of signal samples called the main set from another set called the auxiliary set taken from the same domain. It frequency-translates the signals on their intermediate frequency (i.f.) carrier down close to DC using a local oscillator outside one band edge of the signal and samples the resultant signal at at rate equal to twice the information bandwidth or greater and permits using real rather than complex samples. These samples are then converted to digital information in analog-to-digital converters and are processed digitally at a clock rate equal to twice the information bandwidth or greater. The main signal is processed as above but the auxiliary signal is translated down using the same local oscillator signal and, with the same local oscillator signal phase shifted 90 deg to obtain an inphase and quadrature signal on the same carrier frequency prior to analog-to-digital conversion.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Radar equipment, *Cancellation, *Signal processing, *Suppressors, Digital systems, Sidelobes, Radar antennas, Radar receivers, Conversion, Local oscillators, Frequency conversion, Analog to digital converters, Clocks, Intermediate frequencies, Carrier frequencies, Auxiliary, Phase shift, Interference, Moving target indicators, Radar clutter, Radiofrequency, Bandwidth, Signals, Sampling

Subject Categories : Electrical and Electronic Equipment
      Active & Passive Radar Detection & Equipment

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