Accession Number : ADD010931

Title :   MPD Intense Beam Pulser.

Descriptive Note : Patent,


Personal Author(s) : Turchi,P J ; Vitkovitsky,I M

Report Date : 20 Dec 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : This invention relates generally to charged particle pulse generation, and more particularly to the generation of intense beam pulses of short duration via the coupling of large amounts of magnetic energy from long-rise time current sources to high voltage intense charged particle beams by magnetoplasmadynamic action. This document describes this MPD intense beam pulser for generating high voltage, intense charged particle beams utilizing an electromechanical energy source and inductive energy storage in combination with a plasma opening switch including a source of directed plasma flow, a diode for accelerating particles in the plasma flowing from the source, and a plasma flow truncation circuit. In operation, a controlled plasma flow is used to conduct current from the energy source in order to supply a desired amount of energy to the magnetic field in the volume surrounding the plasma flow. Truncation of the plasma flow between the electrodes forming the diode then provides a high voltage in a short pulse which generates a high energy charged particle beam. Thus, the magnetic energy store surrounding the diode plasma flow is coupled directly to the intense particle beam.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Pulse generators, *Plasma generators, *Particle beams, Plasma devices, Electromechanical devices, High voltage, Charged particles, Plasma control, Particle accelerators, Magnetic fields, Truncation

Subject Categories : Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics
      Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics

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