Accession Number : ADD011185

Title :   Lift Sling Emplacement Device.

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Personal Author(s) : Hackman,D J ; Caudy,D W ; Wernli,R L ; Albro,C S

Report Date : 15 May 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 9

Abstract : An apparatus is disclosed which is employable by a remotely controlled underwater work system to emplace a lift sling beneath an object resting on mud, sand or the like. The apparatus includes a hollow tube and a guide having rollers through which the tube and a guide having rollers through which the tube may be passed. The rearward end of the tube is attached to a hose through which water under pressure is directed into the tube. The forward end of the tube is provided with a nozzle so that jets of water issue from it with selected strength and in a selected configuration. A sling or strap is connected at one end to the nozzle end of the tube and at its other end to the guide. A rope or cord is also attached to the guide portion of the apparatus. A mechanical grabber or other mechanism holds the guide in a fixed position with respect to the object to be retrieved while a manipulator arm of the system pushes the tube through the guide and beneath the object to be salvaged. The water jetting from the nozzle of the tube clears a path for the tube as it passes beneath the object and pulls the sling or strap under the object.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Slings, Marine salvage, Underwater tools, Positioning devices(Machinery), Water jets

Subject Categories : Marine Engineering

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