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Title :   Voice Command Weapons Launching System.

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Personal Author(s) : Brown,H E

Report Date : 14 Sep 1984

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Abstract : This abstract discloses a voice-controlled weapons launching system for use by a pilot of an aircraft against a plurality of simultaneously appearing (i.e., existing) targets, such as two or more aggressor aircraft (or tanks, or the like) attacking more aggressor aircraft. The system includes, in combination, a voice controlled input device linked to and controlling a computer; apparatus (such as a television camera, receiver, and display), linked to and actuated by the computer by a voice command from the pilot, for acquiring and displaying an image of the multi-target area; a laser, linked to and actuated by the computer by a voice command from the pilot to point to (and to lock on to) any one of the plurality of targets, with the laser emitting a beam toward the designated (i.e., selected) target; and a plurality of laser beam-rider missiles, with a different missile being launched toward and attacking each different designated target by riding the laser beam to that target. Unlike the prior art, the system allows the pilot to use his hands full-time to fly and to control the aircraft, while also permitting him to launch each different missile in rapid sequence by giving a two-word spoken command after he has visually selected each target of the plurality of targets, thereby making it possible for the pilot of a single defender aircraft to prevail against the plurality of simultaneously attacking aircraft, or tanks, or the like.

Descriptors :   *Patents, *Voice communications, *Command and control systems, *Fire control systems, *Guided missile launchers, Computers, Television cameras, Display systems, Laser beams, Beam rider trajectories, Multiple operation, Launching, Quick reaction, Pilots, Human factors engineering, Fighter aircraft, Workload, Guided missile targets

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      Guided Missile Launching and Basing Support
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      Command, Control and Communications Systems

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