Accession Number : ADD013170

Title :   Two Part Buckle.

Descriptive Note : Patent Application, Filed 5 Aug 87,


Personal Author(s) : Scully,Andrew J

Report Date : 05 Aug 1987

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : This invention discloses a two part over center buckle having a positive latching means suitable for retaining the buckle in a closed clasped position to minimize the chance of accidental opening even if the buckle is disturbed during transport. A buckle of the present invention includes a first buckle member shaped with a body having a projection extending from one end of the buckle so as to form a retention member suitable for engagement. More specifically, a rectangular slot is formed in the buckle member approximately parallel to the base member and a sliding retention bar mounted within the slot extending transversely across the buckle with each end of the retention bar being adapted to move along the slot in the buckle member. A jam bar has its ends attached to the buckle member and extends transversely across the buckle near one end of the slot so that the sliding retention bar can be moved to a belt retaining position. In the retaining position, a belt passed over the retention bar will be engaged by the jam bar when the sliding bar is in its position closest to the jam bar to hold the belt securely. A detent is formed on the end of the first buckle member nearest the jam bar. The first buckle member has a pair of retention hooks formed on the end of the first buckle member opposite the detent.


Subject Categories : Couplers, Fasteners, and Joints

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