Accession Number : ADP000201

Title :   Assessment of Simulator Visual Cueing Effectiveness by Psychophysical Techniques,


Personal Author(s) : De Maio,Joe ; Brooks,Rebecca

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 3

Abstract : The present study investigated the use of psychophysical measurment methodology to provide a quick, low-cost evaluation of the altitude cues provided by five visual system displays. Thirty Air Force pilots made estimates of the altitude above groundlevel (AGL) shown in slides of visual system displays varying in object density and object detail. Slides showed a 90 degrees field-of-view scene taken in the F-16 cockpit of the Advanced Simulator for Pilot Training. Eight altitudes (range 50-400 ft AGL) were presented for each visual scene condition. A random sequence of 40 slides (8 altitudes X 5 scenes) was presented three times. Power functions relating perceived to actual altitude were determined. Reliable differences were found between the displays which accorded well with differences found in a simulator flying study using the same display environments. Results are discussed in terms of display features and the measurement methodology.

Descriptors :   *Flight simulators, *Visual aids, *Display systems, *Cues(Stimuli), *Psychophysics, Flight simulation, Altitude, Perception(Psychology), Flight training, Pilots, Visual perception, Line of sight, Estimates, Measurement, Judgement(Psychology), Man machine systems, Human factors engineering, Cockpits, Performance(Engineering)

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