Accession Number : ADP000302

Title :   Response of a Room Subjected to Simulated Sonic Booms,


Personal Author(s) : Wahba,N. N. ; Glass,I. I. ; Tennyson,R. C.

Report Date : JUL 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 10

Abstract : The response of a room of plaster-wood construction with an open window subjected to sonic-boom loading was investigated both analytically and experimentally. First, the pressure variations inside the room were predicted analytically by viewing the room as a Helmholtz resonator. The UTIAS Travelling-Wave, Horn-Type, Sonic-Boom Simulator was then used to generate sonic booms in order to check the analysis. The measured room pressures were in good agreement with the predicted results. The room overpressures in some cases were found to be twice as great as that in the incident sonic booms. Second, the structural response of the room walls due to the pressure loading was also predicted analytically and the results compared to experiments usng strain gauges. The agreement between analysis and experiment was very satisfactory. The effect of various physical parameters such as sonic-boom duration, room volume and window area were investigated. Third, the statics and dynamics of a cracked plaster-wood wall were investigated using a finite-element method and checked experimentally.

Descriptors :   *Sonic boom, *Buildings, *Structural response, Mathematical prediction, Experimental data, Walls, Wood, Construction materials, Canada

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