Accession Number : ADP000314

Title :   Rates and Mechanisms of Formaldehyde Pyrolysis and Oxidation,


Personal Author(s) : Kline,J. M. ; Penner,S. S.

Report Date : JUL 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 9

Abstract : Pyrolysis and oxidation rates of formaldehyde have been measured behind reflected shock waves for 1200 < or = T, K < or = 2200 and 1.8 < or = p, atm < or = 2.7, in mixtures of CH2O/Ar and of CH2O/N2O/CO/Ar, respectively. Concentrations of CH2O were monitored by absorption of HeXe laser radiation at 3.508 microns, as well as by CH2O emission in the infrared. Emissions from CO2, H2O, and CO-O recombination radiation were monitored in the oxidation experiments; CO emission was monitored during pyrolysis. To account for pyrolysis at late times, it was necessary to allow for direct reaction between H2 and CH2O. The 19-step reaction mechanism describes our observed oxidation rates satisfactorily.

Descriptors :   *Formaldehyde, *Pyrolysis, *Oxidation, Shock waves, *Shock tubes, Combustion products, Emission spectra, Reaction kinetics, Recombination reactions

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