Accession Number : ADP000395

Title :   An Approach to Hydraulic Simulation of Complex Floodplains,


Personal Author(s) : Gurule,Joseph E.

Report Date : MAR 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : Simulating the hydrodynamics of rare flood events, whether actual or hypothetical, on large and complex floodplains, using one-dimensional techniques has strained the applicability of hydraulic theory to the point that it threatens the integrity of a competent analysis. Flood flows that extend far beyond river channel capacities and are influenced by floodplain irregularities such as discontinuous levees, diversions, sporadic topography, etc., can be extremely difficult to model mathematically using one-dimensional methodologies. These flood events are better analyzed by methods that can account for flow variations as they exist. The goal of this paper is to present an approach that addresses these conditions with a measure of authenticity by mathematically describing these variations in a more realistic and logical modeling capability. The approach to be presented will be a link/node method that formulates into an interconnecting network that forms a pseudo-two-dimensional simulation of a floodplain.

Descriptors :   *Fluid flow, *Hydrodynamics, *Flood plains, *Hydraulic models, *Mathematical models, Symposia, Floods, Two dimensional

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