Accession Number : ADP000600

Title :   Theater Force Evaluation System,


Personal Author(s) : Bruner,J. A. ; Louer,P. E.

Report Date : 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : The purpose of this paper is to highlight the principal features of CEM III, outline its structure, and discuss its applications. The CEM is a fully-automated, deterministic computer simulations of theater-level, non-nuclear warfare with a continuous FEBA. Once the inputs have been developed and the 'Start' button pushed, the simulation proceeds without user intervention. One of its most important features is the extensive set of decision routines. Periodically during the war a commander's estimate of the situation is made for each unit on both sides, at every echelon from division up to theater. Combat is resolved in the CEM to brigade-level engagements. The outcome of each engagement is sensitive to the mix of weapons within the combat forces (and Tac Air) on both sides. Combat across an entire theater can be portrayed for several months; but because of the high-speed computation, a day of combat requires only a few minutes on the CDC 6400 computer.

Descriptors :   *Army operations, *Theater level operations, *Combat effectiveness, *Weapon system effectiveness, *Computerized simulation, *Army operations, Decision making, Battlefields, Military tactics, Military strategy, Scenarios, Operations research

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