Accession Number : ADP000675

Title :   Head Up Display Operational Problems,


Personal Author(s) : Newman,Richard L.

Report Date : 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 10

Abstract : This study was an outgrowth of an earlier survey by Barnett who surveyed A-7D, F-15, and F-111 pilots. His conclusions were that there were problems with the instrument crosscheck between HUD and panel. This problem was made more acute by the lack of adequate HUD failure monitoring and the lack of required flight data. The objective of the survey was to obtain from operational pilots their assessment of how well the head-up displays do their job of helping the pilot to fly the airplane. The survey was restricted to the so-called common modes of flight, not to tactical uses of the HUDs in weapons delivery. Over four hundred questionnaires were circulated to pilots flying HUD-equipped airplanes. Because of the vast majority of HUDs today are in fighter or attack aircraft, most of the questionnaires were sent to pilots flying fighter or attack airplanes. The issues covered in these questionnaires included an estimate of the degree to which the responding pilot felt he used the HUD in various phases of flight and in various weather conditions. He was also asked to describe any particular problems that he had encountered while using the HUD.

Descriptors :   *Head up displays, *Display systems, *Cockpits, *Man machine systems, Flight control systems, Flight instruments, Information processing, Human factors engineering, Operational effectiveness, Man computer interface, Deficiencies, Vertigo, Orientation(Direction), Clouds, Flight maneuvers, Crosswinds, Symbols

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