Accession Number : ADP000721

Title :   Compliance and Stress Sensitivity of Spur Gear Teeth,


Personal Author(s) : Cornell,R. W.

Report Date : JAN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 20

Abstract : Formulas have been developed based on work done by Heywood, Weber and O'Donnell for the stress sensitivity and compliance of low and high contact ratio, involute, spur gear teeth. The parameters used in thee formulas require the derivation of the effective fillet length or angle rather than assuming particular values as done by Heywood and O'Donnell. The stress sensitivity formula is a modified version of the Heywood formula, using simple beam parameters. The compliance formula uses O'Donnell's foundation flexibility factors and Weber's local contact compliance. The modified Heywood gear tooth stress sensitivity formula was evaluated by comparing its predicted results with test, finite element, and analytic transformation results for gears with various pressure angles, tooth proportions, number of teeth, and load contact position. In general, the formula predict the maximum tensile fillet stress within about 5 percent and gives the proper trends with contact position, number of teeth, and tooth geometry. It also predicts fairly well the location of the peak stress in the fillet. In summary, although further evaluation of the gear tooth stress sensitivity and compliance formulas presented herein might be desirable, the evaluation results indicate that the formulas predict the spur gear tooth pair stress sensitivity and compliances quite well.

Descriptors :   *Gears, *Gear teeth, *Transmissions(Mechanical), *Aircraft engines, *Computer aided design, Computer programs, Computerized simulation, Stresses, Sensitivity, Deflection, Compliant walls, Mathematical models

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