Accession Number : ADP000739

Title :   Assessments of the Kinetic Performance of a Rotating Biological Contactor System,


Personal Author(s) : Yu,Ta-Shon ; Denny,Randolph G.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 28

Abstract : The rotating biological contactor process has demonstrated its capability in removal of soluble BOD and oxidation of ammonia. When the metabolic rates are high, soluble BOD and insoluble BOD can be removed concurrently. However, when the metabolic rates are low, soluble BOD becomes a preferred carbonaceous component for metabolisms. With respect to the microbial responses to the nitrogenous compounds, ammonia is readily oxidized or utilized by the microorganisms. While, organic nitrogen cannot be catabolized to an appreciable extent in the presence of ammonia in excess of the amount required for the metabolic needs. As nitrification takes place, oxidation of 1 mg/1 of ammonia nitrogen consumes about 8 mg/1 of alkalinity. When temperatures stay above 10 C and other favorable environmental factors prevail, a complete oxidation of ammonia can be expected. On the other hand, when temperatures fall below 10 C regardless of other environmental conditions, a complete oxidation of ammonia cannot be achieved. In cognizance of the process limitations, cautions must be exercised in evaluations of its treatability toward removal of insoluble BOD nd oxidation of organic nitrogen.

Descriptors :   *Waste water, *Water treatment, *Waste treatment, Facilities, Kinetics, Performance(Engineering), Operation, Substrates, Removal, Oxidation, Reaction kinetics, Equations, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Nitrification, Carbon

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